• Same day delivered
  • Schedule deliveries
  • Food & beverage deliveries
  • Courier services
  • Time sensitive document deliveries
  • Real-time tracking
  • Emergency Rush Courier Service
  • Product Distribution for local business

About faasthub

FaastHub is a technology company that facilitates the ordering and delivering of almost anything as well as courier services within your region for same day and rush deliveries. These deliveries are most often within one hour, depending on delivery location. FaastHub makes it easy, simple, and fast for local deliveries. Whether it’s a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop or a flat screen TV from your local electronic store, FaastHub will move fast to transport your goods. Download the App and try Faasthub for free today.

Our Mission

To provide a convenient, innovative, flexible and trusted on-demand delivery service, to match the needs of time-sensitive individuals and companies. FaastHub objective is also to become the most reliable on-demand technology that makes every store and business delivered.

how it works

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google play for free.
  • Register using a seamless and quick process.
  • Decide on items to order for fast and flexible delivery, or choose the courier service.
  • Track your package in realtime mile by mile.

FaastHub is your personal assistant to get things done

  • Request exactly what you want and our couriers will buy it and deliver it
  • All payment are secure and convenient
  • Business owners who need items delivered to their local customers on-demand can do so now within an hour.
  • Fast and flexible delivery service - Deliveries on your schedule
  • Low-cost delivery solution
  • Top rated courier


What can you request from FaastHub delivery service?

  • Beverages from your local Wine & Liquor Store
  • Food from any restaurant
  • Flowers from your local florist
  • Hard Goods from any store
  • Documents & Packages
  • Dry Clean pickup and deliveries
  • Catering Delivery
  • Auto Parts
  • If you buy it, we’ll deliver it

What hours does FaastHub make deliveries?

FaastHub is available Mondays - Fridays 8 am to 6 pm. FaastHub will be accepting schedule orders 24/7 for deliveries during our business hours.

How to reach us?

Reach out to us anytime and we'll happily answer your questions: Support@FaastHub.com or Info@faastHub.com.


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